Prescription lenses can be confusing. Our certified opticians are happy to explain to you your options and benefits of your choices.  We offer single vision, bi-focal, and progressive lenses.

We provide professional service, quality craftsmanship, and are competitively priced. This family owned & operated business prides itself on the fact that all of our orders are processed an shipped from the USA.  

Types of Prescription Lenses

  1. Single Vision - Perfect for everyday use as it is one ​ prescription across the surface. 

  2. Bi-Focal Lenses - This lens is divided in the middle with a visible line. It provides the ability to see distance while using the top of the lens and provide the ability to see closely while using the bottom of the lens.
  3. Progressive Lenses - This lens functions similar to bi-focal lenses except that it is aesthetically appealing because it does not have the visible line across the middle of the lens.


1. What types of materials do you offer for lenses?


2. Do you offer reading glasses? Why can't I just use over the counter reading glasses?

3. What is my PD measurement and how can I obtain it?

<PD infographic>

4. Can I replace the lenses on my non-prescription sunglasses?

5. What are polarized lenses? Why is UVA and UBA protection important? Can I get lenses that get darker like sunglasses when I go outside, but remain clear indoors? <transition infographic>

6. Do you offer scratch resistant coating? What is anti-reflective coating?

7. Do you accept insurance? Because our goal is to have the lowest prices, we do not participate in insurance. However, you may be eligible to submit your receipt for reimbursement through your insurance or flexible spending account.